Koha Cafe – Wednesday 13th November 6.30pm

Issues with my tissues.

Connective tissue disorders and chronic pain.

Our Koha Cafe on November 13th (see Event at top of the page) is a huge combined effort.


We’ve added a link below to ‘A Letter to My Patients’ by Dr. Alan Pocinki. MD.
This was written in 2010 and Jacquelyn found it recently. She gives it to all her HSD/hEDS patients to help them understand. It helps her diagnose and understand too! Well worth a read.

The letter.  

We’d like to thank Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes New Zealand for their support of our work. We’re so glad to be working with you to get the word out to help patients and their families. Here’s to a long, healthy collaborative relationship! https://www.facebook.com/EDSNewZealand/