Is Back Pain Affecting The Quality Of Your Life?

Back pain affects 8 out of 10 New Zealanders at some point. This may be in the form of mild, severe, acute or chronic back pain. Regardless of the type of pain I can help you alleviate this pain and help you to return to your fully functioning, pain-free self!

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is caused by many factors. These include:

-Heavy lifting

-Trauma, such as a fall or accident

-Sitting or standing for long periods of time


-Muscle weaknesses or inflexibility

-Structural weakness in the back

Regardless of the cause of your back pain, I can help you to alleviate this pain and recover your usual mobility and freedom of movement. I can also offer advise on stretches and other preventative approaches that you can take to help avoid this pain from recurring. If your back pain is the result of an accident, I can also lodge an ACC claim for you.

Alleviate Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most frequent reasons people come to see an osteopath. The problem can be muscular low back pain or spinal low back pain in origin.

If you’ve had acute problems/spasms with your lower back you’ll know just how debilitating this can be.

When back pain hits you, you start envying anyone who can move normally – you’d give your back teeth just to be able to move as normally as someone double your age!

The good news is that with non-invasive osteopathic treartment lower back pain is usually easy to treat, with significant relief of your pain and a quick return to normality.

Recover Freedom Of Movement

Back pain is very common and can be severe and can be debilitating.

Osteopathy uses a variety of techniques to treat back pain. Almost all of these are extremely gentle, but will help you restore ease to the movement and function of the spine.

This wil help you relieve both pain and discomfort, and reduces wear and tear on the spine .

Rather than putting up with back pain, or “hoping it will go away”, why not get treatment now and restore the dfreedom of movement that you deserve!

Hello! I’m Ben.


My passion is to achieve optimal health via manual therapy and exercise. I have a special interest in bio-mechanics. This comes from a love of sports – mainly golf and football.


I was born in Vienna, Austria and moved to Mangawhai where I have lived for most of my life. I attended Mangawhai Beach School and Rodney College, where I developed a passion for the sciences. I went on to study Osteopathy at Unitec, Auckland. After 5 years of intense study, I came away with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and a Masters in Osteopathy.


My love of golf has presented me with the opportunity to also work as a caddie on one of NZ’s most prestigious golf clubs, Tara Iti, in nearby Te Arai. This has further driven me to see how manual therapy and manipulation can maximise a player’s game and be applied across other sports.


I am Titlest Performance Institute (T.P.I.) Level 1 Certified.

One of the great things the TPI team have achieved is developing a physical screen that can be recorded on an app to highlight where your personal limitations that may be negatively affecting your game lie. With that information we can then dig deeper and see what is causing those physical limitations/restrictions and work through them with manual therapy and exercise.


Getting Relief From Back Pain Is Easy

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Your Initial Assessment

This will take around 40 minutes to complete. You will come away feeling better!

Live Pain-Free

With treatment, your I can help you alleviate your apin and recover your usual mobility and freedom of movement!

Your First Appointment

During your first appointment I will ask you about your medical history including questions about your general health and lifestyle, and of course your current back pain.

With your consent, I will then proceed with a physical examination, form a diagnosis, and if appropriate and safe, I will then discuss the plan for your rehabilitation.

Is this painful?

Rarely. I will stop immediately if you ask me to stop. We work together on this. I will always ask for your consent.


Osteopathy is a very effective method of health restoration. As a registered Osteopath, I believe that the health in the body is to be restored via gentle work with the hands as well as working with the body’s natural movement.

I look forward to helping you end your back pain!

Ben Giles


Frequently Asked Questions

(Please click on the question below to find out the answer.)

How much does treatment cost?

Each appointment costs $75.

However if your treatment is covered by ACC (we can advise on this) you will only need to pay $48.

This is a small cost for returning to a pain-free life!

Do I need a referral to see you?

Although many clients are referred by their doctor or other health professional, a referral is not required to see me.

For most people it is easiest to make an appointment without a referral from any other practitioner. This applies even if you have had an accident or wish to submit an ACC claim.

Can I book online?

Yes, booking online is easy!

Click here to watch the video explaining step by step how to book online. All your questions answered! It’s easy, we promise!

Can you lodge my ACC claim?

Yes, we can lodge an ACC claim for you.

This allows you to have your injury assessed and treated immediately, that is, without the need to first visit your G.P.

How long is an appointment?

The appointments last 40 minutes. This includes assessment, taking of details, looking up reports (if relevant), taking payment and re-booking.

When are you available for appointments?

I work Monday to Friday including early mornings and evenings. You will see my weekly availability when you click on the Book Now button.

What types of payment do you take?

You can pay via Eftpos, cash or bank transfer. Please note credit cards incur a 3% fee.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment at any time by clicking on the cancel appointment link in your confirmation email. You can also leave a voice message on our phone at 09 431 3155. We suggest re-booking when you cancel to ensure that you get an alternative appointment promptly.

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I am located at Mangawhai Osteopathy, The Hub, Unit 3/6 Molesworth Drive, Mangawhai 0505.

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I look forward to working with you!