Back pain? Migranes? Hip Pain? Headaches? Shoulder Pain? Nausea?

Would You Like To Be Pain-Free In 40 Minutes?

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an holistic form of healthcare aimed to assist you improve or restore your health and well-being. Osteopathy is designed to enable optimum health, not just getting you past your injury.

Osteopathy is often associated with back and neck pain, sport or work injuries, or other joint or muscle disorders. It is so much more than this!

Some of the common conditions that I treat include the following:

• Back pain
• Headaches
• Sports Injuries like knee pain
• Stress and Anxiety
• Chronic shoulder and neck Pain
• General Poor Health and low energy

Why Is Osteopathy Different?

Many therapists will ask you to return for regular treatment or give you exercises for homework to reduce your pain.

We expect you to be mostly pain free within your first session which is 40 minutes. That’s the difference with osteopathy. It would be expected that you feel the change in ONE SESSION!

Hello! I’m Ben.

I’m tired of hearing stories of patients in pain who don’t know where to turn.

As a fully-qualifed osteopathy I will treat you as an individual, not as the injury. Your needs are different to every other patient. That’s why I have longer sessions than many practitioners to ensure that I get it right for YOU.

No matter what pain or injury you are experiencing the majority of my patients leave the first sesison either pain-free, or with significantly less pain.

It’s time for you to be pain-free!

Why Mangawhai Osteopathy?

5* rating on Google

5* rating on FaceBook

Specialists in acute and chronic pain and functional biomechanics

Registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand

Members of the Osteopaths New Zealand

Convenient clinic location at The Hub in the village with ample parking 

Getting Out Of Pain Is Easy!

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Ready to be PAIN FREE?   

Your Osteopathy Session

This will take around 40 minutes to complete. You will come away with a diagnosis/ treatment and exercises.

Live your life PAIN FREE

We  do this every day.  We have experience treating people who don’t know what else to do and feel that they have  lost hope for a pain free life. 

What To Expect In Your ‘Get Out Of Pain’ Appointment

-I’ll go through your medical history including questions about your general health and lifestyle

-Next is you telling me about your current symptoms.

-With your consent, we will then proceed with a physical examination

-I will give you a diagnosis

-We will discuss together the plan for the physical treatment and rehabilitation.

-You will be treated with hands on osteopathy!

-You will be given exercises based on your specific situation.

-Nothing generic. All tailored to you!

Using the results of the session, I like to follow up with email or phone contact to see how you respond and offer you access to me outside the session if you have any questions.

Let’s get you PAIN FREE.

I look forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I bring to my appointment?

If you have any x-rays, test results or relevant medical notes bring these with you. We require the radiologist report.

How long does an session take?

40 minutes.

How much does an osteopathy session cost?

A treatment costs $75. However if your treatment is covered by ACC (we can advise on this) you will only be required to pay $48. This is a small cost for returning to a pain-free life!

Can I put it on ACC?

Yes, we can lodge an ACC claim for you. This allows you to have your injury assessed and treated immediately, that is, without the need to first visit your G.P.


Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

Despite many clients being referred by their doctor or other health professional, a referral is not required to see an osteopath. Should you prefer, you may make an appointment with us directly. This applies even if you have had an accident or wish to submit an ACC claim.

When are you available for appointments?

I work Monday to Friday including early mornings and evenings. You will see my weekly availability when you click on the Book Now button.

What types of payment do you take?

Eftpos (Credit Cards incur a 3% fee), cash or bank transfer.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment at any time by clicking on the cancel appointment link in your confirmation email. You can also leave a voice message on our phone at 09 431 3155. We suggest re-booking when you cancel to ensure that you get an alternative appointment promptly.

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I am located at Mangawhai Osteopathy, 1 Pearson Street, Mangawhai 0505.

If you are ready for your ‘get out of pain’ osteopathy appointment, click the BOOK NOW button below.

I look forward to working with you!