• Osaka graduated with a Bachelors degree in Health Science from the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006 and has been developing new approaches to the practice ever since. He combines a unique synergy of tools and techniques from the Oriental medical canon to make you feel a noticeable difference straight away, and help you strategize toward lasting improvement.
  • “I love the challenge of helping patients conquer their pain, strengthen their deficiencies and move through their lives with more time for the things they enjoy”.
  • Outside of work I have around a thousand interests, each seeking a higher place on my planning and strategizing list. Aside from spending as much time with my darlings, planting trees, writing children’s stories, playing piano, renovating our cabin, practicing qigong, making furniture, and living a low-waste lifestyle, I’d love to find more time for learning about astronomy, taking bush walks and being more community-focused.

Osaka is now working from home. 

For more information, please call Osaka on 021 229 3993 or email at: silenziothegreat@gmail.com.



Photo: Osaka Silenzio.