Meet Vicki

Vicki Osteopath

My background in health and well-being has derived from an early interest in yoga movement and philosophy and ayurvedic therapy, which I studied while living in India many years ago.

When I returned to southern lands, I became interested in osteopathy and its holistic approach to individual well-being, having many similarities to the yogic view of health and healing.

I began my osteopathic journey in Australia. We had young kids at the time, so mid-way through my studies, we decided to move from Byron to Auckland to be closer to whanau and finish my master’s degree in osteopathy.

After living in the city for some time, we have decided that we need bigger skies and a beach close by and recently bought some land in Mangawhai.

What better way to immerse myself in this beautiful beachside community than to join the team at Mangawhai Osteopathy.      To offer my assistance and hands to help maintain your body’s ability to function in the best way possible and provide the tools to help you retain your own ability to move and live life to the fullest.


Vicki is available Mondays and Tuesdays, including later appointments on Mondays.

All practitioners have regular Police Checks. Most recent in June 2022.