Sports Injuries

Sporting InjuriesRegardless of whether you are an elite sportsman or a weekend warrior, all sportspeople will experience injuries at some point. These injuries may include:

  • Shoulder, wrist or elbow injuries
  • Hip or pelvis injuries
  • Knee, ankle and leg injuries
  • Neck or back strains

Most sporting injuries arise from joint or muscle inflexibility or imbalances, often leading to overuse of some muscles or tendons.

I treat sporting injuries by a combination of manual techniques, including soft tissue stretching, muscle mobilisation and manipulation. These techniques almost always improve strength, endurance, muscle mobility and performance. These assist your sporting injury to recover more quickly and prevents re-injury by addressing the cause of the injury, often strengthening other muscle groups to prevent the injury from recurring.

If your sporting injury is as the result of an accident, I can lodge an ACC for you. There is no need to obtain a GP referral for this.