How much does treatment cost?

Osteopaths (Ben)

Private Adult $90
Under 16 $80
ACC $58
ACC under 16 $53

Senior Osteopaths (Jacquelyn and André)

Private Adult $95
Under 16 $85
ACC $63
ACC under 16 $58
Co-treatments Parent/Child (Jacquelyn only) $98



Paywave/Contactless surcharge 1.5%

Credit Card surcharge 2.2%


Online payments $4

Late ACC payments * $25

Non payment on the day $10


If any ACC claim is denied, a full fee will be charged

This was updated August 14th 2023.

How do I pay?

Payments to be made at the appointment.

Online payments $4
Late ACC payments * $25
Non payment on the day $10

Forget your card? Pay online at the clinic.

Bill Payment/ Registered Company:  Mangawhai Osteopathy Ltd

Account number

What do I get for my treatment cost?

The cost of your treatment includes: 

  • online booking system (you can change your appointment yourself as many times as you wish at any time of the day up until 24 hours before your appointment)
  • confirmation email with instructions and videos
  • reminder email two days prior to your appointment
  • reminder text the day before
  • ACC completed electronically with an answer from ACC usually within your same appointment 
  • email support prior (from our clinic manager) and after your appointment (from your osteopath)
  • 40 minutes of our time (please note this is 10 minutes longer than many osteopathy appointments in New Zealand)
  • detailed notes are taken in each appointment to ensure best practice and safety to enable us to compare the outcome that is specific TO YOU. You are not a ‘back pain’ patient to us. You are an individual that needs specific treatment for YOU.
  • in appointment rehabilitation (if appropriate)
  • education via after treatment email support – what we do is work towards a management solution WITH YOU so you don’t need to rely on us!
  • monitoring your response to treatment and communication with you should you have any issues – including when you feel better!
  • emails and phone calls (as appropriate) with the team of practitioners who work with you including midwives/GP/massage therapists/ personal trainers/ specialists
  • preparing and sending referral letters as appropriate
  • preparing and sending scan referral letters as appropriate
  • sending you support videos/ exercises and education references
  • outside appointment time access to our clinic manager for any questions and these will be relayed to your osteopath if needed
What do we do differently ?

When asked, this is what our osteopaths said.


  • We take a medical case history and are primary healthcare practitioners, meaning you can come in off the street and get a diagnosis or get referred to the appropriate place if its outside of our scope of practice
  • We are actually holistic and don’t just use the word as a marketing tool. We understand how different body parts interact from a bio-mechanical standpoint and can often find ‘issues’ before they become symptomatic
  • We have weekly collaborations between all the osteopaths in the clinic so if its a tricky case you could get up to 3 brains trying to nut out the best approach
  • We think education and self-empowerment is key. This takes time but we want you to understand your body better and give you tools to work through issues that may arise for you.


  • We do 40 minute appointments. This is a big one – and means we don’t rush through our appointments, so we have time to really listen and engage with our patients.
  • We are really interested in getting people better – whether that’s with us, or if we need to send our patients to someone else, it doesn’t matter for us.
  • On that note, in the nicest possible way, we try to get rid of our patients where possible – to help them stand on their own two feet without us.
  • We take a whole person approach to what people come in with, trying to figure out what aspect(s) of someones life is contributing to their issues. Even if it’s not in our scope, we can help guide them in the right direction.


  • We allow more time at end of session to allow time for integration which allows the nervous system to integrate the work – like saving your work on a computer!
  • We do extra outside the 40 minute session for example, communicating with your personal trainer, specialist, midwife, other practitioners working with you.
  • We encourage a team approach and like to work with other practitioners you’re working with to provide an integrated approach – this takes our time outside the treatment time.
  • We ALWAYS aim to find a reduction of pain within the same session – that is our goal – hence less number of treatments
  • You will receive email support if you wish to be in contact with us outside the treatment time.
How do I book online?

Click here to watch the video explaining step by step how to book online.  All your questions answered!  It’s easy, we promise!

Which practitioner will I see?

We take responsibility for our patients based on what we do best. That’s why we each see different patients in order to ensure that you GET TREATMENT FAST and get the best care.

Our system is reviewed regularly to see if we can ‘do it better’ and we definitely take on your feedback. This ensures that we maintain our goal of exceptional health care

If you end up seeing a different practitioner to what you thought, we can assure you that all our patients are reviewed and we have meetings twice a week to discuss care and best practice for you all. 

NEW PATIENTS OVER 6: Ben and André see all new patients over 6 years of age.

EXISTING PATIENTS. If as a new patient you were treated by Ben or André, they will continue treatment. Jacquelyn sees her long-standing patients, pregnant patients, and those under six years of age.

NEWBORN, UNDER 6 AND PREGNANCY: Jacquelyn and André see all new patients in this category.


Do I need a referral to see an osteopath?

Despite many clients being referred by their doctor or other health professional, a referral is not required to see an osteopath. Should you prefer, you may make an appointment with us directly. This applies even if you have had an accident or wish to submit an ACC claim.

Can you lodge my ACC claim?

Yes, we can lodge an ACC claim for you.

This allows you to have your injury assessed and treated immediately, that is, without the need to first visit your G.P.

If you have an existing ACC claim we can use this only if it is within one year of your claim.


If any ACC claim is denied, a full fee will be charged

How long does my ACC claim last?

Osteopaths can treat as long as the injury within the last year. We are not covered by ACC for more than one year.


We can treat up to 16 treatments ONLY IF THE INJURY IS RELATED TO THE ACCIDENT.


The injury MUST BE RELATED to the injury. If it is not related and your osteopath cannot clinically justify this, the treatment will not be an ACC covered treatment.


Please note that some physiotherapy clinics have ‘contracts’ with ACC that enable them to treat for longer than one year and more than 16 treatments.  This type of ‘contract’ is not available to osteopathic clinics.

Will I be charged if I miss my appointment?

Yes, we charge for missed appointments and late cancellations.

Your appointments are important to us, and we appreciate your commitment to keeping them. A last minute cancellation or ‘no show’ means we’re unable to help somebody else who needs treatment.

Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel your appointment.

For any missed appointments or cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, a fee of $50 will be charged for the first occurrence.

Subsequent missed appointments or late cancellations will incur the full private appointment fee.

All outstanding invoices must be settled BEFORE booking another appointment.

We dontae the first payment to a local charity, Mangawhai Activity Zone. MAZ Video

Cancelling your appointment

Our booking system sends out email appointment confirmations and reminders to help you schedule your appointments. Should you need to cancel you can do so from a link in one of those emails, or get in touch via email, txt or phone call.

Mangawhai Osteopathy has the right to ask you to find another clinic if you continue to miss appointments.

What if I am unwell?



If you’re ill on Monday, and your appointment is Thursday, CANCEL! We’ll put you on the waitlist if need.

That way you won’t be charged.

What if I get ill on the day? We understand this can happen and of course,  be honest with us and we’ll waive the cancellation fee. 

How long is an appointment?

The appointments last 40 minutes.

This allows and includes assessment, taking of details, looking up reports (if relevant), hands-on treatment, resting time (which is needed after treatment), discussion of homework, your payment, and re-booking. 

What should I wear to an appointment?

Osteopathy is hands on medicine and treatment usually involves moving various parts of your body. It is thus easiest if you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Depending on your health issue at times it may be necessary to undress down to your underwear. If this is uncomfortable for you in any way please speak with us at the beginning of the appointment to ensure you stay comfortable.

We have spare shorts for anyone that requires them.

What should I bring to my appointment?

If you have any x-rays, test results or relevant medical notes bring these with you. We require the radiologist report.  Please email before your appointment when possible. For babies it may also be useful to bring their Plunket Book.

Will treatment hurt?
In general, osteopathy is a gentle treatment modality and should not cause high levels of discomfort. If hands on treatment of painful or tender areas is necessary we will advise you of this and ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible. At times people experience some soreness for a day or two after treatment as their body adjusts to this treatment. This is part of the natural healing process.

You are welcome to email us with any questions you may have forgotten to ask or check in on your response to the initial session.

What training do you have?

Benjamin: I attended Mangawhai Beach School and Rodney College, where I developed a passion for the sciences, particularly chemistry and human biology.  I went on to study Osteopathy at Unitec, Auckland. After 5 years of intense study, I came away with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Biology and a Masters in Osteopathy.

In April 2019 I attended a professional qualification for golf. This is an international qualification for medical professionals specialising in golf biomechanics.

: My training for the  Bachelor of Osteopathic Medicine (Distinction) is from the British School of Osteopathy in London. I also have a degree in Behavioural Sciences (Biology and Psychology) from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.

My postgraduate training is in Research and Methodology which is part of my Masters in Science specialising in hypermobility and Clinical Pilates.

With a Level 4 Clinical Pilates qualification from Dance Medicine Australia and a Classical Apprenticeship, I combine both traditional and evidenced-based Pilates in my rehabilitation delivery. I also studied a Yoga Alliance 200 hour interdisciplinary qualification in Costa Rica in 2011.

I am also a Level 5 qualified Biodynamic Osteopath which is a nine year post-graduate training.  This is in addition to my cranial osteopathy training which I did in 2008. I have completed my Level 3 Paediatric Biodynamic Osteopathy training.


Do you use acupuncture as part of osteopathy?
No. While acupuncture is a valuable treatment modality we find that we achieve high levels of success without needing to use any other form of treatment.

Referral will always be considered as necessary and we have developed a strong and trusted network of providers.

How to cancel your appointment online

Why do we give our cancellation fee donations to Mangawhai Activity Zone (MAZ)?

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or don’t show for your appointment, someone usually misses out.

We have a long wait list for our osteopaths so we ask for 24 hours notice to give us time to contact those patients who are sore!

It could be you one day!

We send an email two days ahead and a text reminder the day before to ensure that you don’t forget. We think it’s a fair system and is based on what our patients have asked for over the years.

We send a MAZ invoice to ALL late cancellations or no shows, irrespective of reason. That way we’re avoiding prejudice. It’s up to you to let us know if you don’t feel that you should pay. Just let us know!

The $50 donation goes directly to the local activity park which is a volunteer developed movement zone for our locals. Sure, the kids love it but there’s so much to do for the adults too.

It was Jacquelyn’s friend, Simon Bennett, who was one of the founding members and the video above shows the development over the years with his son Jack, giving a synopsis of the growth.

Enjoy and thank you for your donation.

If you’d like to read the latest letter from Colin Gallagher, the MAZ president, here is a copy below.


MAZ Letter November 2020

Referral to specialist and X-ray/Ultrasound referral charges

We do not charge for X-ray or Ultrasound referrals.

We charge a fee of $50 for specialist referral letters which covers our time to write the letter, collate the supporting medical notes, source reports and liaise with the specialist team.

This takes our practitioners on average 45-60 minutes of their time outside your session.

Why are we a fragrance free clinic?

We have staff and patients who are sensitive and allergic to fragrances and the chemicals of odours in washing powder, moisturiser, hair product, perfume etc.

So as practitioners we do not wear products with fragrance and have reminders on the emails for patients to avoid fragrances.

You can read more about it here Scent – why it’s not so yummy as you think!

Hours and Info:

1 Pearson Street
Mangawhai 0505

Telephone: 09 431 3155


Mon: 7am – 2.30pm
Tue: 9am – 5.00pm
Wed: 7.30am – 5.30pm
Thu: 7am – 5:00pm
Fri: 7am – 3.30pm

Appointments are 40 min. If urgent, please contact us via the contact page.