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Exceptional Health Care

Structural, Cranial & Biodynamic Osteopathy


About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is an holistic form of healthcare aimed to assist individuals improve or restore their health and wellbeing. Osteopathy is designed to enable optimum health, not just getting you past your injury.

Osteopathy is often associated with back and neck pain, sport or work injuries, or other joint or muscle disorders. It is so much more than this!

What We Aim To Treat

We aim to treat a wide variety of health conditions.

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Meet André, Ben, and Jacquelyn

Hello and Welcome!


Hi there! I’m Ben. As a UNITEC graduate of the New Zealand Masters of Osteopathy course, I started working at Mangawhai Osteopathy in 2018. The philosophy of the clinic and Jacquelyn’s passion for Osteopathy meant that I was drawn to the ethos and values of Mangawhai Osteopathy.


We are really excited to introduce André to our team at Mangawhai Osteopathy in February 2021.

André has over 10 years of experience working as an osteopath and lecturer in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia. Since being back in New Zealand he has been working in a busy practice in Orewa. He comes highly recommended and works within all scopes of practice, including paediatrics, pregnancy, and adults.

André also teaches at Unitec, teaching in the student clinic as well as supervising students completing their Master’s research thesis. In addition, he has worked at the British School of Osteopathy in London (where Jacquelyn trained), and at Southern Cross University in New South Wales and Queensland, and has taught in the areas of pain science, clinical pathology, and the theory and practice of osteopathy.

André lives in Matakana with his wife and 2-year-old son, is a keen surfer, and enjoys growing gourmet mushrooms as well as keeping fit, meditation, reading, listening to a variety of podcasts, and spending time with family and friends.

He shares many interests and a similar philosophy to that of Jacquelyn and Ben, and we’re really looking forward to having him help deliver exceptional care in Mangawhai.


My name is Jacquelyn Schirmer. I am a trained UK Osteopath, now registered in New Zealand, and a fully qualified yoga and Pilates teacher.  I love Osteopathy! It continues to amaze me in its scope and ability to see the health in the body rather than just focusing on disease.

We have a special interest in hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Our mission is to deliver the best possible osteopathic health care via manual therapy, rehabilitation, and contemporary health care advice.


Welcome from Ben, Jacquelyn, Martin & Wendy

André works with all ages, babies, pregnancy and adults!


André is by far, has been the best Osteopath I have ever received treatment fromoes Here

“I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the huge difference Andre has made in my healing process. Prior to receiving treatment from Andre, I had suffered back pain for many months and became quite despondent, as my very active life felt dramatically curtailed.
In just a short amount of time, I felt so much more mobile, pain-free and have continued to make wonderful progress. I have had other osteopathic interventions over the years, through injury from the gym or long-distance running, etc. Andre by far has been the best Osteopath I have ever received treatment from, and significant change occurred right from the outset. 
Thanks, Andre-I wish you all the best in your practice and feel so fortunate to have received such transformative intervention and support”.
Cushla Summers

Ben fixed my ankle and thumb. Who'd have thought osteopathy does that too!

What a lovely space! Ben has been fantastic at helping me with my ankle and thumb during my time in Mangawhai. He was highly professional and caring! He is very genuine and passionate about his work. Everyone there will do everything they can to help you heal 💛


Martin - I was amazed to see how much it help. My first time.

I had been suffering for 2 weeks from an extremely painful right shoulder that I had hurt from doing an exercise. 

I had tried gentle stretches, but it kept giving sharp pain when I lifted my arm above my head, etc.

I had one session with Martin and he worked on releasing the tightness and pain from my shoulder.  This was the first time I had ever had any osteopathy or physical therapy and I was amazed to see how much this helped.  My shoulder had felt very tight at the start of the session and I went away feeling much better.

The pain was less and then by another four days I woke up and realised that it felt completely better!

I highly recommend Martin to everyone now, he was very professional and my shoulder released and was healed because of him.” Anneke White

Back pain - thanks Ben.

Ben comes highly recommended. I saw him recently for back pain, and my back felt much better. Very thorough and professional. Thanks Ben.


My running injuries - I recommend you see Ben.

I come from a running background and over the years have been to many different sports physicians, physios, massage therapists etc and I have to say that Ben has been fabulous in fixing my recurring running injury; he is thorough, professional and best has helped me understand my body better. I will continue to visit on a regular basis for ongoing maintenance to ensure I stay active and move freely


Martin - I had the best sleep after our treatment!

I wanted to contact you to tell you that I had “the best” sleep on Saturday night and woke yesterday morning in an almost pain-free state!!!!!!  As the day wore on I felt a few niggles in different parts but mostly rested, did your few exercises from the videos, and then had another good sleep last night and feel good today.  As the problem has been there for so long and ongoing I am aware that I am going to have to take small steps but for the present time I feel you have taken the correct approach for me and for that I am really grateful. Diane H.

My newborn: wind and crying gone!

I first took my son to Jacquelyn when he was 4 weeks old. He was a very unsettled baby who constantly seemed to have trapped wind which made him miserable and lead him to cry a lot in the evenings before bedtime. To watch his first treatment was amazing – he thoroughly enjoyed it and literally came alive and was smiling so much! This continued in his 2 following treatments. I can’t claim to understand the ‘how’ behind it, but I can honestly say that my son is a lot more settled and we only have the odd trouble with wind – nothing like what we were use to daily! Our sincerest thanks to Jacquelyn-I just loved our treatments with you!

Belinda, Whangaparoa

Martin questioned why I have ongoing back pain

I got to know Martin in the sports course as a trainer.  His sensitive perception of movement patterns is remarkably pleasant.  Due to his constant curiosity and further training in the field of healing, he has also become a contact person for me in this area.  I find that it is easy to build a relationship of trust with Martin.  He is an attentive therapist who looks behind the symptoms. 

He has, for example, questioned my constant lumbar vertebrae complaints more closely and has given me very good impulses as a coach to question and dissolve corresponding thought patterns!  He estimated the time frame of the exercises to be very well realizable for me to ensure sustainability. 

I appreciate Martin’s work very much and I am grateful for our encounters!  Maja W.

I feel like superwoman!

Thursday when it was raining so hard and the wind was blowing, I was trying to open the garage door, which has to be done manually and it is quite heavy. I could not get it open as the wind was pushing the door down on me and I was trying really hard to open it using my back, which had no strength and wasn’t even moving it an inch. I thought then hang on… let me “switch my legs on”. I stood with my legs hip with apart and pretended I had the band around my legs pushing out and what would you know, I was like super woman pushing the door up against the wind and had absolutely no pain in my back afterwards!

Anyway, just thought that was an “a-haaaa!” moment… I did you proud…. 🙂

Lisinda, Mangawhai

Just do it!

Everything you’re showing me makes me feel better!

Bryan, Mangawhai

From climbing 4 to 15 sets of stairs!

I’m currently visiting a family member on a daily basis who is long term care. I make sure I take the stairs every time. 4th floor. After the 3rd or 4th day I noticed a huge difference in my ability. Remembering Jacquelyn’s techniques from class, pushing through my heels & feet, and now taking alternate flights in lunges. My next challenge is the transfer of my family to the 15th floor! I can’t wait to incrementally make it to 15. Thank you to Jacquelyn.

Tania (Northland)

Bladder prolapse and leaking after childbirth.

After my first child being delivered naturally I had bladder prolapse and pelvic floor issues. When pregnant with my second child I had issues with my pelvis. By the time my 2nd child was 10 months my pelvis was quite sore most of the time and I was experiencing quite a lot of lower back pain. I was jogging again and everything felt quite jammed up but I just pushed on as we mums do.  I couldn’t sit with my legs in front of me without slumping. I just couldn’t sit up tall due to pain and restriction in my pelvis. I had tried a chiropractor, and was doing Pilates but hadn’t seen any real improvement. Jacquelyn treated me once, and identified that my pelvic floor muscles were very tight, particularly in one side, where they attached to the base of my pelvis. After working on those muscles, my sitting improved immediately, and my pelvis felt so much more mobile.  Jacquelyn gave me some exercises to do before running, including my pelvic floor, and my pelvis felt so much better while running. I can highly recommend Jacquelyn as a practitioner. Her knowledge is amazing and she’s always very thorough and professional. And she does it with a lovely smile as well.

Kirsty, Melbourne

How to run easy!

I am someone who generally avoids exercise, I also find it hard to take instructions. I trust my friend Jacquelyn implicitly. We are training for a 10 km run in December, my first running race, and trying to regain my fitness after my first child who is now nine months old.
I have been doing small runs but fatigue just kills me. Jacquelyn gave me some technique enhancing exercises to do before my next run. I did these in front of her, they were relatively hard. But then… I went for a run and could have gone for so much longer than ever before. I noticed my back was straighter and I had a bounce that was missing before. I tried to replicate the feeling in my back when doing stretches and rotating my tummy in. What a difference it was and ‘almost’ enjoyable!

Emma, West Auckland

No more neck pain.

Thank you so much for your recent Osteopathic treatment, especially the advice you gave me on my neck. After our discussion I am trying to stand taller and imagine that little piece of string pulling my head towards the ceiling. I have already noticed less discomfort in my neck – thank you!
Susan (Marketing Consultant, Sydney)

The simplest answer from Jacquelyn to stop cramping!

I was getting cramp in my toes when I was fishing on the boat so I put the toe spreaders between my toes and the cramp stopped!

Mark (Mangawhai)

The heaviness gone from my pelvis.

After doing the wagon wheels pelvic realignment protocol I felt like my lower back was lighter and wasn’t getting crushed anymore! It felt like so much heaviness for so long. I always wondered ‘How do I lift that pressure off?’. Now I have a resource to use.
Amy (Orewa)

Running technique - a new perspective.

After we talked on Friday I really focused on heels up, weight-bearing on the ball of my foot and my breathing, and I had absolutely no pain at all.

For the first time I’ve felt utterly exhausted after a run because I didn’t have to nurse my knee.
Dan (Auckland)

My spine and legs untwisted!

Recently the wonderful Jacquelyn taught me wagon wheels. On my second try I was able to get my spine and legs to untwist. It was truly amazing! The end result was a huge release of tension through the whole body and I felt a wonderful lightness from head to toe.
Anna (Northland, New Zealand)

I am now 100% pain free.

I was in agony last week with a back injury and I saw Jacquelyn for a quick session. I am now 100% pain free. I have had this injury previously and my doctor just told me to rest. Jacquelyn got to the root of the issue and I feel great now. Thanks so much!
Nicholas (Sydney/ Ireland)