About Osteopathy

Jacquelyn Schirmer Mangawhai Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a holistic form of healthcare aimed to assist individuals improve or restore their health and wellbeing. Osteopathy is designed to enable optimum health, not just getting you past your injury.

Osteopaths treat people of any age, from children through to the elderly. Osteopathic treatment can be helpful for people in any situation – student, office worker, manual labourer, pregnant woman, stay at home parent, retiree and anything in between.

Osteopathy is often associated with back and neck pain, sport or work injuries, or other joint or muscle disorders. It is so much more than this!

For a list of conditions that I treat, please click here.

What to expect

What to expect.

We will explain what an Osteopath does, ask you about your medical history including questions about your general health and lifestyle, and of course your current symptoms.

With your consent, we will then proceed with a physical examination (only occasionally you will be asked to remove clothing, again only if you feel comfortable), we will give you a diagnosis, and if appropriate and safe, we will then discuss the plan for the physical treatment and rehabilitation.  It may be that you need to be referred, although this is rare. We will make a decision with you based on the best care for your situation.

Is it painful?

Rarely.  We work together on this.  We will always ask for your consent.

What we expect?

Please bring any scans, documents you believe relevant, ACC details (if current ACC claim include date of incident, ACC number and Read Code).

Please refrain from wearing perfume/aftershave.

Cancellations & changes to your appointment.

Schedules change.  We definitely understand that!  Here’s how it works here.

We offer our communication via online for a few reasons.

•Lower prices for you.

•You can change the date, time or cancel any time without waiting for us to return your call.  We ask for 24 hrs notice or you will be charged for your appointment and asked to donate it to a local charity.

•Online means we can give extra support to you outside the time of your appointment if needed.

•This allows us, the osteopaths, to give more of our time to study; being the best therapists we can be.

•If you need to call us and do not have access to the internet, please do ring.


It’s such a wonderful method of health restoration.  As registered osteopaths,  we have studied for a minimum of five years.  We believe that the health in the body is to be restored via gentle work with the hands as well as working with the body’s natural movement.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Yours in health.