What we treat

Jacquelyn Schirmer Mangawhai Osteopathy

Some of the common conditions that we treat include the following:

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Back pain
Sports Injuries
Pregnancy related conditions
Stress and Anxiety
Joint Pain
Health issues in babies and children
General Poor Health


André treats babies, children and adults and has been doing cranial osteopathy for many years. He treats all of the above!

Ben is Titlest Performance Institute (T.P.I.) Level 1 Certified. One of the great things the TPI team have achieved is developing a physical screen that can be recorded on an app to highlight where your personal limitations that may be negatively affecting your game lie. With that information we can then dig deeper and see what is causing those physical limitations/restrictions and work through them with manual therapy and exercise.

Jacquelyn has a special interest in hypermobility spectrum disorder (HSD) and Ehler-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), paediatrics and ultra-distance training. For more information click here.  For more information on Paediatric care in Osteopathy, click here.

Vicki has an interest in yoga movement and philosophy and ayurvedic therapy. She treats children (7 years +) and adults. 

Lucas has experience in various martial arts, yoga, and surfing.  He loves all things related to movement and health and treats children (7 years +) and adults.