Baby Cafe August 17th, 2020

Strength & Anxiety

Hi! I’m Anna who’ll be sharing with you at the next Mangawhai Osteo Baby Cafe!


About me: 


The “hats” I wear currently:  


  • Mother to four pretty cool kids, ages 9, 7, 4, 2 (we homeschool the eldest two)
  • Business owner at Level Movement Gym
  • Women’s fitness coach
  • Full-time student of psychology



I got my Bachelor of Arts, Double Major Education, and Anthropology and more recently Girls Gone Strong Level, 1 Coach. Currently, I’m studying for a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy studies.


Aside from my roles (we are always more than just what we “do”), I would describe myself as a deep-thinking, authentic, determined, curious, optimistic person with a passion for holistic wellbeing! 


My particular interest at the moment is about our ‘state of mind’ as parts of our bodies; change, grow, shrink, perk, hang, strengthen, weaken, be well or be ill during the postpartum period and beyond. 


I am a big advocate of us women learning how to discern when to “GO” and when to “be SLOW”, to ensure we are well. 


My hopes are that this Baby Cafe can involve some discussion around these topics, in a safe space where we can listen, think, and maybe even share parts of our experience if we would like (while we wrangle the children!) 


Here’s some more about what I do at Level Movement.