Baby Cafe Monday 9th Nov

Strength & Anxiety

Here’s what we learnt. It’s so good to share and bring up our kids in a community!

Anna shares with us a question sheet. Here’s what we came up with:


1. How do I know if I am feeling anxious? 

– anxiety if future thoughts – usually doesn’t happen

– hot head

– compression in the breastbone

– feeling like leaving the scene


2. What sort of things trigger my anxiety?

– not sleeping

– crying baby

– toddlers – screaming and the auditory sensations too much for mum

– too much on schedule

– it’s contagious – if you’re anxious and talk about it to your partner, it feeds off itself


3. What can I do if I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious? 


– Are you having the thoughts including the words ‘always’ or ‘never’?

– write it out on paper

– write the thoughts on your phone so it’s gone

– consider who you spend your time with and whether they’re draining you

– leave the scene ie if the baby is crying they’re alive! If the baby is quiet it’s a concern!


4. What things can I do regularly for selfcare? 

– Counsellor

– massage or 30 minute walk

– bath – put baby in bouncer next to bath or shower so you can have a bath!

– 5 slow breaths

– ditch the gym if it’s stressing you getting there

– cleaning delegation

– gardening with your child

– psychologist intermittently

– craft – anything that calms the nervous system

– take the pram into the bathroom so you can have a shower!


5. What movement is best for anxiety?

– Faster ISN’T great for anxiety – slow movement

– weight-bearing

– have an internal check by osteo or women’s health physio

– Mantra: Write it on a piece of paper until you believe it