Baby Cafe – Parenting and Anxiety – Life hacks to help you

with Cat Railey.

Do you ever feel stuck or overwhelmed in your new role as a ‘parent’ with all the responsibilities and expectations it comes with?

You are not alone. 10% of women experience perinatal depression and at least this amount or more struggle with anxiety.

New parents everywhere are bravely trying to navigate this new world they find themselves in. It is easy to lose touch with yourself, to find yourself isolated and feeling detached.

Today we will explore the transition that we all go through when we become new parents….we will talk about the challenges the joys and how we can make sure we have a secure emotional connection to parenthood.

We will look at some stats to see how common it is (breaking down stigma!) and explore ways to manage it when it turns up.

Just like we can’t tell our brain not to picture a horse wearing roller skates, we can’t tell it to not be anxious. (bet you saw that horse!)

Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th.

We’d love to have the dads at this one too. It’s an hour of your time and Koha! No brainer.

A bit about Cat:

Cat works as a Maternal Mental Health Nurse for the WDHB and owns Mummacare a service offering in-home perinatal care.

She has a special interest in the emotional experience of the mother and is particularly passionate about supporting Mums to have a meaningful and healing matrescence or fourth trimester – she specialises in supporting the parental transition, breastfeeding, gentle parenting and offers therapy for birth trauma and postnatal depression.

Cat completed her comprehensive Nursing training in Auckland in 1992. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Healthcare and is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) & Commitment Focused Therapy (CFT).
She is a member of PADA – Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa and serves on the board of Homebuilders Family Support Services in Warkworth.