Our first invitation to Baby Cafe on 2nd October.  It was a huge success with Baby-wearing expertise shared by Sandy from SnugLove.

Next Baby Cafe Monday 30th October with Liz Ritchie

Hi, I’m Liz. This is me. I believe in natural birth, bonding, breastfeeding and caring for babies and mothers, if possible in the home environment. Essentially this would be paleo baby or cave baby or as I called it African lady with no watch they just cared for their babies and did not expect conformity. The beginning of this process is with pre pregnancy, pregnancy and planning of life after birth all contributes to happy healthy mothers and babies. I have a strong belief in the gentle nurturing of our babies and the evolution of firm guide lines as they grow older into toddler hood. (Mums and dads need to evolve with their babies as they grow into children then adults) I did not come from a generation that put babies first.  I was told no dummies, no feeding on demand, 4 hourly feeding was the regime, let the baby cry it out, put baby rice in the bottle, start solids as early as possible, let the baby entertain itself!!  I knew in my heart this was not right. My mother had had feeding problems with all my siblings and she did not attempt to breastfeed me.  I knew I had to rectify this mistake in my own life. I joined La Leche League in 1975 having heard of it through my husband’s friend.  There I learned that I could feed my baby and the support and advice was there allying the constant doubts. Most women seem to be interested in babies when they see your tummy growing and that’s natural and good.  Some of their advice is not so good.  Putting doubts into your mind at your ability to birth and feed your baby naturally, this is where support and love of other women is so important. I know women gathering together to share information, support and encouragement is of huge benefit. I would like to support and encourage any mums that also have these ideals whether they bottle or breastfeed.