General Poor Health

general poor healthOsteopathy looks at the body as an integrated unit. This means that often an imbalance in one part of the body may be affecting another part of the body, where a symptom of poor health is showing. This applies to all the systems of the body, including the muscles, the nervous system, the circulation system and the immune system.

As an osteopath I am often able to diagnose and treat these imbalances, often restoring appropriate balance to the whole body. Not surprisingly, this can benefit ones health in general. This approach can be particularly successful if you are experiencing breathing issues, joint stiffness or pain, muscle tension or imbalance or digestive issues.

Osteopathy is a gentle treatment method that can assist many clients to achieve great gains in well-being in general. In fact, every day I find that many patients who have been to many other health professionals achieve great gains with osteopathic treatment, due to its emphasis on the whole body acting as a single integrated unit. This is different to many other treatment approaches.