Often the upper back is where a lot of people feel tension and store stress. This tension often builds up from exercise, driving, office work, gardening, or watching TV and gaming. 

One way that can be effective in relieving this tension is to use a spikey ball to massage the muscles in the upper back. 

Start by lying on your back with the massage ball on one side, between the spine and the shoulder blade. 

Then gently roll your spine up and down over the ball in a small movement to massage the muscles between the shoulder blade and the spine. 

If you want to increase the effect of the massage, you can scoop your pelvis up off the floor. 

Usually, it’s best to do this for about 1-2 minutes on each side daily. 

Please avoid bony prominence when you do this release work, and it’s also not indicated for acute injuries. And if it is too painful, or you find it is more painful afterwards then it’s best to stop doing the exercise. 

If you need a spikey ball, then you can buy them at the clinic or online. 

If the pain or tension persists, then please come and see us for more in-depth assessment and treatment.