Bitcoin – my thoughts on why it’s a wonderful way forward for equality – that’s why we’re offering Bitcoin payments. 

Hi, it’s Ben. I’d like to share some thoughts on Bitcoin. 

To me Bitcoin is not just another payment method, it is the next evolution of money. A type of mathematical internet money, a protocol if you will, which works through collective participation in the network as opposed to enforced rules governed by the corporate elite. It is by far a more democratic form of money that empowers liberty and control over personal wealth over authoritarian measures of control.

With Bitcoin there is no third party, there is no counter party. It is peer-to-peer with no one in between. For me personally, I can send bitcoin from my phone directly to my family in Austria almost instantly with almost no fee. I however, live in the western world and have access to banking. 1/3rd of the human population however, are completely unbanked with many more having very limited and restrictive financial services (think Venezuela). Many more people have access to the internet than they do to banking. For those people, Bitcoin is an opportunity to opt out of their oppressive national currency and be part of a true international economy and participate in financial commerce on a global stage. It is for those people less fortunate than us that I am so enthusiastic about this technology.

We are now offering 10% discount for Private rate sessions with me paid with Bitcoin until end July 2019.