My experience of any non organic fragrance is that they trigger hours, or sometimes days of being unwell. This manifests as head spins, feeling spaced out, nausea, various headaches, brain fog, body aches and an unsettled sensation in my gut. There is a physical sense of hitting a wall and worst of all not being in control.

Of course fragrance isn’t just a bottle of perfume or cologne. It’s everywhere. Hair products, lotions, detergents, and exuding out of places and products you don’t think about.
It’s just one of the  reasons I have to manage my social outings.

The chances are that most of us react, even in a small way. It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people are adversely affected.
For this reason Mangawhai Osteopathy asks that anyone entering the clinic is fragrance free.  As a long time patient I am extremely grateful.

This article goes into detail how fragrances affect our health, and why we should all consider eliminating them. Manufacturers can put as many toxic ingredients into a fragrance as they wish without listing them.


Photo credit Unsplash Fulvio Ciccolo