There are BIG FAT nerves in the body called A-beta-fibres. They are designed to whisper or scream to you if anything is harming you. They tell the THIN C-fibres which talk to the brain. It tells your primitive brain to tell the main brain that there is danger.

If you’ve ever had pain before, they are on alert, ready to go. Ready to tell you that there is danger. Unfortunately, this is often NOT real danger. It just hurts. Problem is, there isn’t any damage to your bone, tendon or ligament, the brain has just over-reacted. It causes you pain.

So, if you’ve got pain and are finding it difficult to shift, remember that the brain has a huge involvement in causing this pain. Stop blaming your arthritic knees. There are millions of people walking around with arthritic knees, prolapsed discs and inflamed tendons but they aren’t in pain. That is so exciting!

What does that mean?

It means that it’s possible for us to work TOGETHER to figure out a way to tell the brain that all is well in the knee, its ligaments and the cartilage, but that it should just CHILL OUT and stop telling you there’s danger.

That’s it.

ALL pain is made in the brain. Doesn’t mean you don’t feel it, I get that, it really hurts. Pain doesn’t depend on what’s happening the tissues, pain depends on what the boss, THE BRAIN, thinks is happening.

Wish to know more?

If you’re a knowledge geek like me, try out this video from my favourite story-teller and pain professor, Dr. Lorimer Moseley.


If you’re more of an active learner, sign up for the My Movement Class on corrective movement on Thursdays. Click here. This class is however for patients of Mangawhai Osteopathy only. I ask for commitment and I’ll give it back double.

Ponder this.

What does it mean?

You CAN FEEL BETTER without changing anything in the physical body. YOU CAN FEEL BETTER even if you ‘inherited’ your dad’s bad back. YOU CAN FEEL BETTER even if you’ve had pain for 10 years.

It’s not easy but is is simple.

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