Jacquelyn choosing to climb over the gate while tramping at Sandy Bay.  Figuring out how to get general movement into everyday life.

Here’s what we’ve been working on in My Rehab Class on Thursday mornings. Ways to get moving every day. Ways to improve joint health. Ways to get your body moving WITHOUT having to do Cross Fit, run 100km or swim across the ocean.  These are ideas compiled from my students.

  • Get out of the car using the passenger door
  • Pick the kids’ toys up off the floor and put them high up out of reach, put them down and up again
  • Weeding – climb through the wire fence instead of going around
  • Use watering can instead of hose
  • Run along the beach trying to beat your 4 year old grandchild
  • Pull weeds with a stretch
  • Run up the stairs (maybe 2 by 2)
  • Long stretches hanging out the washing
  • Sit on the floor to watch TV and wriggle around
  • Stretch like a baby BEFORE getting out of bed in the mornings
  • Open the water bottle with the opposite hand and use the non dominant hand to lift a cup
  • Iron standing on one leg and with the opposite hand
  • Play! Instead of sedentary boardgames play Twister!

So many more ideas on their way!