August 1, 2016

Bladder prolapse and leaking after childbirth.


After my first child being delivered naturally I had bladder prolapse and pelvic floor issues. When pregnant with my second child I had issues with my pelvis. By the time my 2nd child was 10 months my pelvis was quite sore most of the time and I was experiencing quite a lot of lower back pain. I was jogging again and everything felt quite jammed up but I just pushed on as we mums do.  I couldn’t sit with my legs in front of me without slumping. I just couldn’t sit up tall due to pain and restriction in my pelvis. I had tried a chiropractor, and was doing Pilates but hadn’t seen any real improvement. Jacquelyn treated me once, and identified that my pelvic floor muscles were very tight, particularly in one side, where they attached to the base of my pelvis. After working on those muscles, my sitting improved immediately, and my pelvis felt so much more mobile.  Jacquelyn gave me some exercises to do before running, including my pelvic floor, and my pelvis felt so much better while running. I can highly recommend Jacquelyn as a practitioner. Her knowledge is amazing and she’s always very thorough and professional. And she does it with a lovely smile as well.


Kirsty, Melbourne