October 22, 2015
How to run easy!
I am someone who generally avoids exercise, I also find it hard to take instructions.  I trust my friend Jacquelyn implicitly.  We are training for a 10 km run in December, my first running race, and trying to regain my fitness after my first child who is now nine months old.
I have been doing small runs but fatigue just kills me. Jacquelyn gave me some technique enhancing exercises to do before my next run.  I did these in front of her, they were relatively hard.  But then…  I went for a run and could have gone for so much longer than ever before.  I noticed my back was straighter and I had a bounce that was missing before.  I tried to replicate the feeling in my back when doing stretches and rotating my tummy in.  What a difference it was and ‘almost’ enjoyable!
Thank you Jacquelyn!
Emma, West Auckland