Nottinghamshire, England
January 18, 2016

Osteopathy combines with Strength & Conditioning


Jacquelyn’s results providing osteopathic treatment were extremely outstanding. Jacquelyn was originally recommended by a client of mine to get in contact with. I am so glad I did. If any of my clients (Strength and Conditioning) had a problem I would recommended them to go and see Jacquelyn. She treated many of my clients and was able to get them back to training. Jacquelyn provided me with areas to improve a clients issues. Jacquelyn and I would often have long discussions across a wide range of topics, sharing experiences and together we created a brilliant rapport. I learned so much from her.

I have worked with a couple of Osteopaths in the past and to say the least, Jacquelyn was in another league.

I was so unhappy that she moved away (to New Zealand!) as people who are this good do not come by very often. I would whole heartedly say do not hesitate to work with or be treated by Jacquelyn.


Ian Willows (Nottinghamshire, England)