jacquelyn schirmerThree weeks to go.

I have the most ridiculous tan lines on my arms from sitting on my aerobars and am pleased that I can call on Evie and Steph to help me post event with an Eco tan out at their Te Arai clinic (https://www.facebook.com/stephaniecammell.massage).

What I learnt this week?

I hope it’s not always the case, but when you do something that you don’t necessarily feel like doing, often there is something lovely as a reward.  This week’s Mangawhai Estuary swim against the Hide Tide current.  Stunning.   Challenging.  Reminds me that the sea is in charge.  That pine tree on my left on the way back after an hour of swimming was haunting me but I just needed to change my attitude – again – and get on with enjoying the moment.  May as well.  There are going to be lots of moments in 12-14 hours of racing on March 7th!