Do you sleep?

Do you sleep well?



10pm – 2am are the most important hours

Even if you find it difficult to get sufficient hours, try at least sleeping/ resting between these hours for optimum organ rejuvenation

When it’s dark it is time for sleep – that’s why you feel rested when you go camping!

White versus orange versus blue light

You’ve probably heard now of blue light that is transmitted from many of our screens. The point is, our body would ideally like to watch the sunset, change from bright light to orange light and then into dark. We messed it up with ‘fake light’ that stimulates the brain to stay awake.

The new iPhone update has a night shift which does it automatically for you.

Three really easy helpful hints to start.

1. Turn off the WiFi at night

2. Keep your bedroom cool

3. Shut out ALL LIGHT.  Even if there is light on any part of your skin, it stimulates the brain to activate and will hinder your sleep – even if it’s on your little toe – isn’t that amazing!