Driving hurts your back? Driving hurts your neck? You feel like an old man/woman when you get out of the car?

If you drive anything more than 15 minutes at a time, I believe this is normal.  The body gets casted into one position when it is still.  Usually the only part of the body that is moving is the right foot, occasionally the head and sometimes the arms.  Consider driving on the motorway with cruise control.  Hardly any movement needed.

What does this mean?

a) Your body gets inflammed

b) The joints get stiff – this is normal when you spend five hours driving from Mangawhai to Taupo without a break!

c) The cells in the joints are not getting the expansion they need.  That means they are deprived of nutrients and oxygen.  This means you ache.

What can you do?

a) Use the L foot pedal (automatics only) to push and wriggle your pelvis

b) Press against the steering wheel to open your chest and upper back

c) Put balls of any kind behind the back and use them to massage your spine while you’re driving.

Best tips: Watch the video!