A huge thank you to Matt Stratton from Human Potential Clinic (Exercise Physiology Clinic) at AUT for sharing your incredible knowledge with us today! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt to explore scientific assessment options for Long Covid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. This is just one of the many ways I spend my ‘business development’ days, all aimed at building a robust, multi-disciplinary team for our Mangawhai Osteopathy and EDS WellBeing clinics.

You know the saying, ‘it takes a community.’ That’s a core belief in our approach to healthcare and a big reason why we proudly display ‘exceptional healthcare’ on our sign.

Our patients often say I’m ‘not just an osteopath,’ and I think that’s true. My curiosity drives me to look beyond any single title.

I’m thrilled to now have Matt as part of our trusted referral network, especially for our patients who often don’t know where to start on their health journey.

Remember, movement is essential for our bodies, brains, and overall well-being. I believe Matt and the team at Human Potential Clinic will be invaluable in helping us provide that collaborative care.

Check out more about The Human Potential Clinic here: https://www.autmillennium.org.nz/…/human-potential-clinic/