Many of you will be aware of the very popular Shakti Mat. If you haven’t already seen our blog about these, you can check it out here

Shakti also make a headband!

We are all big fans here and wanted to share our experience with you.

The Shakti Headband

I received my Shakti headband as a gift from our Clinic Manager, Wendy. It’s been a life saver.

Categorically, I can say that I’ve avoided migraines, nausea on planes and headaches.

When I feel low on ‘brain power’, I put it on and tell patients that they’ll get more out of me if they don’t mind me looking like a ninja!

Whilst I’m a massive fan of all things Shakti (I have the headband, ring, pillow and two mats), the headband is my favourite!

– Jacquelyn

I’m a lover of all things Shakti. The headband in particular is a great asset in my ‘wellness’ toolkit. It’s portable and gets me through the worst of the chronic pain days.
When fatigue kicks in it helps take the edge off, and clears a path through the ‘brain fog’.

I’m going to buy a second headband, one for my bag and one for home. Don’t forget to save me one Jacquelyn!

– Wendy

Stress is a part of life and although it’s advisable to minimise stress as much as we can, things will come up where it is unavoidable and even productive.

Stress also has physical manifestations causing tension in certain areas of the body. For me and I know for many others also, this can come in the form of head and jaw tension from clenching or teeth grinding. This is where I find the shakti headband indispensable and a great tool that I can whip out anywhere.

The acupressure from the spikes on the headband works great in releasing the temporalis and frontalis muscles on the skull which can stop a TMJ issue or headache before it starts!

It’s a great product to have in any stress management toolkit!

– Ben

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