Image by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pixabay

Although this lock-down has been extremely tough for many, it is a small price to pay when a large number of lives are at stake. I know some will criticise our government for its hard-line stance on stopping the spread of Cov-19 but I will be the first to put my hand up and defend Jacinda’s and Dr Bloomfield’s actions.

It is always easy to retroactively criticise an effective medical intervention for being too over-bearing and tough as we, fortunately, didn’t get to face the alternative. As history has shown us, pandemics can get ugly so doing everything we can to slow the spread is of utmost importance.

As vaccines and other promising medications are concerned, we shouldn’t be leaning on that to solve all our problems in the near term as news outlets will often have you believe. As it is not merely a matter of vaccine invention and manufacturing but one of safety testing, which takes 6-12months minimum to provide us with any valuable data. Luckily, we can create a kind of “artificial vaccine” through social distancing measures which also effectively flattens the curve. I’m proud to see our collective response to a threat of this kind (at least here in NZ!).

The way we have all come together to forgo familiar comforts and activities to protect those most vulnerable have been admirable to observe. Let’s keep up the good work and we will move down the alert levels quicker and Jacquelyn and I can get back to doing hands-on osteopathy for all our lovely patients.

If you do need us in the meantime, however, you can also join either of us for a virtual Telehealth session. You can book this on our website at BOOK NOW.

Kia Kaha!