Quick Tips of the day.

Tip A: Try keeping your hair away from your forehead because it stimulates the sensory nerves of your face and tells your brain to take notice! Also, if it’s on one side of your face we tend to compensate by tilting the head to the side. If you are a sufferer of headaches or migraines, this is not a great idea. Believe me I’ve tried and tested it as I’m an ex-migraine sufferer. This might help you too. Just get a clip, put the hair back out of the way then when you look down you’re not having to compensate for that hair hanging in your eyes. Let me know if it works!

Tip B: Sew up your bras so the straps don’t slip off! If you have slippery straps, the shoulder subconsciously lifts => tightened muscles.

A more elaborate version of my recent Instagram post. Click here to view this short video.

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