I have a new trainer, her name is Valerie (See link below).  I am inspired. I’m learning ‘how to run again’.


In the process I’m also learning about Cross Fit/ low mileage running and using a strength/skill based approach to endurance sport.  My next event is the Tawawera 100km Trail Run.  Look at that photo!  Why wouldn’t you do it?


What has this got to do with my role as your Osteopath and movement teacher?


It’s got EVERYTHING to do with it.


I am learning more, so much more about movement, healthy movement.   I use the new skills to figure out problem solving with patients.  It challenges me so I have to learn more to help you, my students.


It inspires me.  I’ve just signed up for some more Paediatric training.  What’s that got to do with it?




My desire to know more.  From the best.  Then deliver it to you, here in Mangawhai.  It might be from the clinic at Kakariki, from the monkey bars at the Domain or as one of my students commented: ‘I stand tall every time I see you at the market on Saturday’.


Yey!  That’s great.  What’s standing tall got to do with health?  EVERYTHING.