Walking and climbing to the top of the mountain during my lunch break with my flash new Vibram Five Fingers for the trails!

Many people want what they want when they want it.

Health doesn’t work like that.

I know, I know, I’m still talking about the feet.  Well, as soon as you remove your jandles to avoid forming bunions, as soon as you stop moisturising so you can walk outside in the summer and not get cracked heels and as soon as you put all your shoes in the bin (keep the pretty ones for the glass cabinet and display like a museum).

We’ve just done three weeks on the feet. That’s three one hour Corrective Movement Classes at the clinic just on the feet. We have these fabulous things that we’ve labeled Golden Balls (they’re actually trade marked Yamuna Foot Wakers, thank you sincerely to Yamuna for creating them) and they make our feet feel alive, invigorated and full of life.


Moving your toes, metatarsals (the bones that connect the toes to the middle of your foot) and the ankle bones (they also have fabulous names – come to class to learn about these!) means that your body can absorb the force from walking or running.  The force is absorbed in the feet.  It doesn’t transmit to the head.  Isn’t that just great!


Why would you wish for your head to take the hammer force from pounding on the ground when your feet could absorb it! There are supposedly 33 joints in the foot – I reckon we could create more – and there is NO WAY POSSIBLE that you can move even a few of them wearing protective shoes.  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE IN SHOES.


Try this.  Take your shoe, bend it in half.  Well try to.  If it can bend in half, great.  Wherever it does not bend, that’s the part of your foot that you’ve paster casted. Immobilised. Damage waiting to happen.


Now try this. Take a piece of paper and draw around your foot (barefoot, toes spread). Now place your shoe on top.  Does your foot extend outside the outline of the shoe?




What to do?  Watch this video.  Click here.   Here are a few ideas. Tried and tested.


Like to know more? We’re using the Golden Balls again in class soon.  Click here for more information.