What NOT to do with your back. Don’t tuck!

If I only had a chance to educate you all BEFORE you went to mainstream Pilates classes, BEFORE you went to group yoga, BEFORE you thought your bottom looked too big  and decided to hide it under your torso, thinking you’re lengthening your spine.


I love Pilates.  I love yoga.  I love your bottom!!!!

If you’d like to have a long spine, a strong spine, and keep your posture elongated, then ALLOW your spine to grow, be long and ALLOW your bottom to be where it would like to be, in its NATURAL position.

Use your LONG spine, not your tucked spine.

Find a KNOWLEDGABLE Pilates or yoga teacher.  There’s a difference!

Watch this video.  Ignore the chairs!  I’ll talk about chair in my next blog and HOW CHAIRS ARE KILLING OUR SPINES!